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  • Anibar Animation Festival, Peja

Anibar Animation Festival

Peja, Kosova
15.07.2024 - 21.07.2024 (dd.mm.yyyy)
Rhythm: annual, next Festival afterwards (probably): Summer 2025

Competitive Children's Film Section
Prizes: Various awards
Deadline for film entries: 31.03.2024 (dd.mm.yyyy)
Programs: Films made by children/young people, Workshop for children/young people, Animations
Festival's recognition: international
Media coverage: national
Notes/description: Anibar screens animated films coming from different places around the world, that in three cinemas, two of them set outdoors. Except the screening of the films during the festival, workshops, lectures, debates and additional daily activities (concerts and camping) are organized.

Year by year, the festival endeavors screening qualitative films, in both, technical and artistic aspect of the view. The selection of entries is made in accord with a criteria deriving from a limited staff of professionals who aim balancing the audience, artistic reviews and the market.

Anibar has also socially influenced the youth community in Peja, and further, enclosed with the film screenings and other events, before, during and after the festival, a wide group of youngsters are engaged in helping and working with the idea and preparations of the festival, meanwhile they gain an experience which as a matter has been truly acknowledged by a vast support of different local and national institutions (private and public).

Lidhja Pej√ęs, 14
30000 Peja

Phone: ++386 49 667 319
Internet: http://anibar.com

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