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Your Cinema - International Competition Program for children and youth audience, as part of International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts "Spirit Of Fire"

Khanty-Mansiysk and other cities in the district of UGRA (Siberia), Russia
23.03.2024 - 26.03.2024 (dd.mm.yyyy)
Rhythm: annual, next Festival afterwards (probably): Spring 2025

Competitive Children's Film Section
Director/s: Soloviev, Sergey (President ), Bordacheva, Ekaterina (Producer and curator of children's programs)
Prizes: 12 awards, worth about one million Russian Rubels in total, ECFA Award
Deadline for film entries: 20.01.2024 (dd.mm.yyyy)
Programs: Features, Shorts, Animations, Workshop for children/young people
Number of films (app.): 100+
Age of audience: 5-99
Number of spectators (app.): 40.000
Average number of journalists: 40
Festival's guests: Directors, Producers, Actors, Distributors, Others
Festival's recognition: international
Media coverage: international
Special Events: Children Animation Workshops
Notes/description: The festival "Spirits of Fire" was founded in 2002, in 2005 the "Youth Cinema" was opened, the international program for children and youth "Your cinema" started in 2011.

The festival presents films for children and young people from Russia and around the world. The festival's goals are: Promotion and support of debut films in Russia and abroad. Education of children and youth in the region - UGRA. (5 - 6 cities of the Ugra district annually).

This festival is a member of ECFA

Media Center «UGRA Classic»
22 Mira street
628012 Khanty-Mansiysk

Phone: ++7 3467 35-25-50
Fax: ++7 3467 32-14-2
Internet: http://ugrafest.ru

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